Welcome to Kenya Education Cloud PUBLISHER'S PORTAL

For registered members, kindly click on the login button on the landing page to access you account.
For new members, click on the register button on the landing page to access publishers content management system. On logging in the account, the dashboard menu will have following items; Home, Upload, Status on the left side of the screen & log off on the top right corner and below is the content of the menu items

  • Home: Shows the number of your publications categorized by the approval/reject status. If you have no publication yet, "Nothing to Display" will be displayed.
  • Upload: Presents you with a form to upload your publication. Kindly fill all the details as instructed in the form.
  • Status: Shows a list of all your publication characterized by their status. There are 3 categories: approved, partially approved and rejected.
  • Log off: Logs you off the account

Instruction to publishers on content formats and upload

  • Kindly note that the content formats accepted are PDF. ePub, HTML5, and MP4 only.
  • Packaging of the content should be done such that PDF, ePub, and MP4 are uploaded directly, not in folder(s)
  • HTML5 files should be zipped; kindly DO NOT zip a folder, instead, open the folder containing the files, highlight all the content files (ensuring you have named the home page as index.html) and then zip the content.
    • HTML5 content package should be a self-contained ZIP file [Package Interchange File (PIF) ] containing certain contents file standards.
    • Mandatory Content Package contents:
      • Main index file for each ZIP file(index.html)
      • All other files referenced by the index file
      • All resource (Assets) files used by the content package and its learning activities
      • All the files that make up a content package must fit within the same directory tree structure within the PIF file. Your package should group everything into a single directory, or it may use sub-directories within the root. All files used must be within the content package.
      NOTE: content developers should avoid the use of server-side code and other dependencies like databases. References to external files or absolute URLs are not allowed. Assets support are Videos, Audios and images. Formats for these assets are MP4 for videos, MP3 for Audios and JPEG and PNG for Images